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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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tonight president-elect donald trump prepares to lead the nation. >> several states are still counting votes. that is arizona and we are talking about michigan and then all the way up in new hampshire. alaska and minnesota devoting delegates to trump and hillary clinton respectively. >> the outcome is still the same with donald trump as our next president. >> despite calls from the white house coming from the university of texas in austin with dozens of students waving flags and marching peacefully. there have been no arrests. >> interparental remarks of a long season hillary clinton urged supporters they must accept the outcome and keep going. she said she has already spoken
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country. >> this is painful, and it will be for a long time. but i want you to remember this. our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country we love. it was about building and make america that is helpful, inclusive, and bighearted. >> now the focus shifts to trump reaching the goals he has spent months laying out include repealing and replacing the affordable care act, suspending immigration and cutting taxes for the middle class. he also promised more jobs. abc action news reporter explains the timeline. >> it looks like a home and it feels like a home. this has been awesome. >> reporter: 18 veterans live
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elected president. >> a lot of people were for trump in here. >> reporter: there is also a new feeling. >> it is hopeful. >> reporter: donald trump not only offered more help for veterans like david but he promised more jobs. >> i'm hoping so because we have lost a lot of jobs overseas . >> reporter: 600,000 more people had jobs in florida compared to four years ago. trump says that is not fast enough. he hopes to bring in more jobs around the u.s. within the next decade. >> he knows what it takes to run a business. he realizes it is not the government that creates jobs but companies. >> reporter: terri o grady said it may be a while before we see any major changes. >> six months or a year. >> reporter: experts say it could take more than a four year term. while an injury put david out of work for good he thinks of
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determined by congress. >> reporter: this time with a new sense of anticipation. >> all we can do is hope he can do what he said he would do. >> reporter: renovates gonzales, abc action news. >> florida getting up to his expectation of predicting the election 11 county did not pan out. it is known as a good indicator of how the election will go. it went to clinton and the election were to donald trump. the demographics >> hillsborough county has been the bellwether county because of its diversity and also because of the key elements and the closeness of the registration and so when you look at some of those, we saw that the base wasn't as high of a turnout. >> dr. macmanus says lower turnout among millennials might
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this race. right now your 401(k) is likely seeing some relief after panic last night. taking a live look at the stock market which closed one hour ago, things seem to have stabilized. markets are trading up by over one percentage point. we are continuing to track be followed from the historic election and meanwhile if you missed any of the speeches from overnight or even earlier today, you can find them on our facebook page right now with results on our website at and on our free mobile app. >> now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. we have a few light showers. if you look at this radar we have some rain. probably not. i suspect most of this is actually evaporating for making it down to the ground. it was definitely an overcast
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temperatures in only the upper 70s. right now even low 70s and still low 80s heading toward northport. satellite shows all the cloud cover streaming in from the gulf of mexico ahead of a fronts. that is why by tomorrow morning the skies begin to clear and temperatures begin to cool off again. overnight it is mostly cloudy during my morning and then i will tell you how low it will go and if the weather will stick around into the weekend and a couple minutes. of california. two marine corps judds were colliding over the water during a training mission. rescue crews are trying to find one of the pilots was ejected. the other rented safely. they are based at marine corps air station in miramar 15 miles north of san diego. killed while preparing a crosswalk. a crossing guard family still
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driver ran him over and then drove away. clifton french just spoke with his family. this all happened next to his home. >> reporter: this crossing guard lives just a couple of houses down from here. this is the crosswalk where he was working. he was getting this intersection ready just before school was dismissed when that car came barreling down this road. >> my father is gone. >> reporter: that is the daughter of david roundtree. one of his eight children still coming to terms with his tragic, unexpected death. >> we are still in a state of shock. my father. >> reporter: roundtree was here near this school zone sign preparing to set up orange cones tuesday afternoon before dismissal at mount vernon elementary school when a car driven by charles walton came barreling through. hitting a truck this school
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roundtree. >> he was just a great man. that sums it up. he was a great man and a wonderful father. >> reporter: who spent his life dedicated to children. he volunteered for the past three years as a crossing guard in front of his home. his other passion? is not -- [ music ] gospel. >> he loved singing. >> reporter: this is roundtree singing for zion. his voice is now silent in his body gone from this intersection but his presence still being felt here by the people he loved and touched. >> my father was an amazing man. he was awesome. we miss him so much. i don't think it is fair what happened to him. >> reporter: going back to the man accused of killing roundtree, charles walton is
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manslaughter. police do not think he was drinking, but they do believe it was under the influence of something. right now he is still in the pinellas county jail being held on a $50,000 bond. reporting live in st. petersburg, clifton french, abc action news. >> we're just getting word of a massive bust landing two people behind bars. we just checked. andrew wilhite and carol sweeney are still in jail after there was 3 pounds of meth found. deputies said they also found several guns including an ak-47. documents show both admitted to trafficking meth. the florida state student accused of killing two people is facing partial charges. 18-year-old austin harrouff has been charged with two first- degree murder charges and attempted murder. deputies say he attacked the jupiter couple in the garage
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help. with the upgraded charges, prosecutors could seek the death penalty. still ahead, your votes paving the way for medical marijuana to become legal in florida and the reason families still have a long way to go before they can get the drag. to the naked eye this jeep looks like an older used car but for one family, it means the first hope they have had
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right now a live look at the washington monument. in a few months washington dc will become the new home of donald trump when he moves into the white house. he will pay a visit there tomorrow meeting with president barack obama to prepare for the transition ahead. the nation must move on. >> we are now all rooting for his success. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. and over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world. >> the president has also spoken with clinton telling her
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achieved. today is all about donald trump and already world leaders are congratulating trump on his victory making -- history making victory. p 10 send trump a.k.a. gradual tory telegram saying he is hopeful he and trump will work together to create a relationship with russia. both george w. bush and george h.w. bush sending their best in fact george h.w. bush he and his wife really wish trump well as he guides america forward as our next president. his family is in our prayers. and by the way, he did not vote for trump noted george aged -- george w. bush. life is are they changing for the running mate of mike pence. our station pennock the secret service has already started stepping up security at his mansion.
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airspace around his home. airplanes, helicopters and drones cannot get within 1 mile of it. he will stay governor until he is officially sworn in. if polk county family lost their home to a fire in months. jackie kelly shows us how it turned out to be the surprise of a lifetime. >> reporter: it devastating low. >> i pulled up to the red light and bam. the accident left sherry with injuries and cost her her car. weeks later a fire destroyed her home. >> it is hard when you look around and you see everything you own. >> local charities helped with a place to live. >> what has it been like not having a car? >> horrible.
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members. >> transportation is something that they can help with. >> reporter: we arranged for them to meet me in lakeland. all of those who made what was about to happen possible waited for the arrival. >> we haven't been honest with you. >> reporter: sherry knew nothing about them or their plans for her. >> this is not a loan. we are giving you this car. >> thank you. >> thank you it is not me. >> thank you so much. what a miracle from god. [ applause ] thank you so much. >> reporter: you could almost see the weightlifting off of sherry. >> i cannot wait until i can drive it. it is so pretty. thank you. >> reporter: the auto angels spent weeks rebuilding and
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>> it is a free and clear title. >> thank you so much. [ applause ] >> i get more out of this then you do. >> reporter: sherry plans to use the new ride as a hand up a hand out. >> i can start looking for a job and she can get to the hospital. >> reporter: they gave one last gift before they pulled away. >> they are giving you a free year for anything at year. >> a miracle. it just made me so happy. >> reporter: jackie callaway taking action for you. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> it feels like thanksgiving now. [ laughter ] >> we can move on. the election is over and halloween is over. let's make it feel like thanksgiving. >> we have our angel creek
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look forward to. hopefully cooler air as well. outside right now a mixture of clouds and sunshine. we had mostly cloudy skies through the afternoon and when they begin to break overnight, you're going to have the opportunity to see some pretty cool meteors. it peaks over the next couple of nights pretty much after midnight but what is cool about this shower is they are not the quick small while there are not as many as the larger ones, this one shoots fireballs. i saw one a couple of days ago and it looks like a fireball going across the sky. over the next couple of nights, you should be able to see it and it might even be worth getting up for. outside right now clouds and a couple of sprinkles
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temperatures right now keeping us in the 70s with 76 in yreka and still 80 in northport and 70 in clearwater along the coast of north temperatures are only in the lower 70s under mostly cloudy skies. template is 76 and st. pete has sunshine and 74. there is a satellite picture. unfortunately even though this looks impressive, it is a very light one living inland with nothing more than maybe a couple sprinkles especially in citrus and hernando and sumter. the further south you live the less chance you will have anything but there still will be a few sprinkles through the evening. overnight skies clear and you wake up to sunny skies on thursday morning with a return of a little cooler air as dew
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thursday but friday as well and into the weekend with rib fest this weekend in st. pete. it should be mostly sunny skies and a nice wind. through the end of the weekend, there might be another area of energy and for that matter another front. things are going to be coming through every three or four days so that will not allow our temperatures to climb back into the mid to upper 80s. we will stay in thursday from top to bottom from hernando, crystal river, spring hill and the same thing down south to hardee. apollo beach is the same as well. hotter temperature now down to 73 degrees with northeast wind at 15 knots. they are down to 2 feet in the afternoon and your upcoming
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. hour by hour forecast is mostly cloudy through the evening. even into tomorrow morning. we quickly clear out from the front comes through and a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast looking good with rain chances near zero right to the weekend with highs pretty nice and upper 70s with morning lows and upper 50s on saturday. packed the low to mid-60s on sunday and another chance for showers early part of next week. have a consumer alert. anyone getting a jump on holiday shopping is to hear this with the trap that could put your information at risk as you shop at life in the telltale sign to look out for. it is a state of uncertainty of people who get health insurance to the obamacare marketplace. coming up with the trump presidency could mean for the people who get health insurance
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a new look at the home of president-elect donald trump. club members and state employees went to a watch party that stretched into the night. we are getting insight into the conversation trump and hillary clinton had over the phone once the race was called. we had a mr. trump praised her for a well managed campaign. he made good on a promise he made. before you begin your holiday shopping, a warning about fake retail apps appearing in the app store. here is one we found which looks like the app for footlocker but look closer.
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name recognition of retailers that don't actually sell you anything. they are essentially junk apps but others may contain malware that could steal your information. medical marijuana passes. hundreds of thousands of sick floridians are now eligible. but it is not coming as soon as you think. coming up, take months before patients get relief. plus, concern about what lies ahead. the fears minority communities have now that donald trump has been elected president and the realistic changes they can expect to see. >> closed captioning is brought to you by lakeland toyota.
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>> this loss hurts. but please never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it. >> right now 5:30 the fight is over with tim kaine introducing hillary clinton to a packed room in new york earlier today. surrounded by supporters, clinto support all americans. tonight the world is waiting for donald trump to reemerge. he gave his victory speech early this morning after being elected. he also changed his title on twitter to president-elect but besides that he is been laying low scheduled to meet with president obama tomorrow to discuss the transition. turning now to our top local store tonight. the family of a beloved
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david roundtree was hit and killed by a car yesterday in mount vernon elementary school. the man who hit him is 19-year- old charles walton who is charged with a dui manslaughter. >> we begin tonight with the huge victory medical marijuana. the voters backed it with a turnout. >> amendment 2 gives floridians access to treatment and all of these additional diseases. before. >> it needed 60% to pass and about 70 but now as ryan smith reports we will tell you how soon this happens and that is on the lawmakers. >> passage means 500,000 floridians may have access to medical marijuana products then those consumers will be registered and >> reporter: through this website. the office of compassionate use.


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